Saturday, April 26, 2014

Episode 5: Nicholas Tana (Hell's Kitty) - A Radio Confab Experience

Episode 5 brings a change in scenery to The Bare Knuckle Podcast. Namely, it's our first interview, or Radio Confab, episode. Special guest Nicholas Tana takes to the mic with your host Pete Mesling to discuss his role(s) as writer, director, star, and songwriter for the comedy-horror web series, Hell's Kitty.

You'll hear music from the series, including the theme song, "My Pussy's Possessed," and as an added attraction, you'll also hear a brand-new track that has yet to be used. There are other surprises of a musical nature (including the No Religion Remix of Coroner's "Grin," which is used to intro the festivities) and many laughs to be had as your host and his guest engage in their endearing badinage.

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