Friday, May 16, 2014

Episode 8: Robert McCammon, David Lee Roth - A Radio Single Speak Experience

The pod has been cast once again, dear friends of The Bare Knuckle. As always, there's a little something for everyone in the latest and greatest episode, but fans of novelist Robert McCammon and Van Halen front man David Lee Roth should pay especially close attention. That's right, your host, Pete Mesling, gives you his insights into both of these creative artists in one jam-packed show.

If the pairing seems disparate on the surface, we assure you that there is at least a slight connection. The McCammon novel that we're focused on is The Five, the main characters of which are members of a touring rock group called (you guessed it) The Five. As for David Lee Roth, it's all about his video podcast, The Roth Show.

There are a few musical surprises to be found here as well. Mesling treats us to a song called "Darkest Night," which he wrote the music for, based on lyrics by Robert McCammon himself. You'll also hear his inventive acoustic arrangement of Van Halen's "Little Dreamer" and a special tribute in the form of an acoustic-guitar instrumental, which will be your reward for listening through to the end.

So put your feet up and settle in for another round with The Bare Knuckle, folks. Life can wait.