Sunday, July 20, 2014

Episode 11: Pete Mesling Reads - A Radio Gothic Experience

We hope you'll agree that it's about time for another round of terrifying fiction from Pete Mesling. In this, our eleventh episode, he reads "Zombie Killer" and "Silvertip." Both stories stand on their own and don't require a lot of preamble, but for those of you interested in such things, we have asked Mesling to provide a bit of insight into the conception of the leading tale ...

"There are certain stories that stick with us for various reasons. Stories that linger long after we've read the last sentence and turned the page. For me, Dean Koontz's Intensity is such a story. I've written at some length about that novel and have discussed my feelings about it in numerous private conversations, so I won't go over old ground again here. But let me say that one of its crowning achievements is the use of shifting points of view. It's not an unusual technique in a novel, of course, but it's put to to exceptional use by Koontz.

"Not being a novelist (yet), I got to wondering if a similar effect could be achieved in a short story. Many editors are less than impressed by any such attempt in the short form, but I finally found one who was open to the idea, and I sold him 'Zombie Killer.'

"For what it's worth, I love it when a fiction title can manage to convey more than one meaning. I do my best not to force it, but it's something I try to remain open to. I'm happy to report that in the case of both stories I've selected for episode eleven of The Bare Knuckle, the titles bear double meanings."

Thanks, Pete. We always enjoy a little behind-the-scenes scoop. As for you, Loyal Listener, enough of all this. Go ahead and dig in to the podcast itself. And pray, leave a light on.

UPDATE: You can now read Mesling's "Zombie Killer" and "Silvertip" for free at his None So Deaf blog!