Sunday, August 31, 2014

Episode 12: Pete Mesling Reads - A Radio Minstrel Experience

After a brief respite, we're back with a fresh episode. This is our twelfth one, folks, and it's chock full of poetry. Not only will you hear Pete Mesling read some of his own best work, but you'll also hear the poems of William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, and Thomas Hardy put to music by Mesling himself. (Not to mention a surprise at the end having to do with e e cummings and Michael Hedges.)

There's a wide range of subject matter and form to be enjoyed within, so don't hesitate to click your way through. If you're not familiar with the paradelle, for instance, you'll learn what that is—and hear one! Don't think you're a lover of poetry? Put your resolve to the test. There's always the intermittent music to fall back on, after all.

Come one, come all. This episode goes by fast, but it's from the heart and sure to move you, whether to tears or laughter (intentional in either case, rest assured).