Sunday, July 10, 2016

Episode 28: McCallum Swain, Mesling - SPAWN OF THE RIPPER

We are back with a fully functioning episode, ladies and gentlemen, and you are welcome to partake. Considering the interval between this and the last full episode, we understand if your patience for preamble is at a minimum, and so we oblige by sticking to the basics with this brief post.

The readings in episode 28 are of John McCallum Swain's "The Wolf Who Never Was" and Pete Mesling's "The Private Ambitions of Arthur Hemming," both from the recent Spawn of the Ripper anthology from April Moon Books. You'll learn more about both stories through Mesling's observations in the actual episode, but for the uninformed, Spawn of the Ripper is a tribute to the Hammer and Amicus horror films of yesteryear. And let's just say that fans of Oliver Reed are in for an especially unique treat with McCallum Swain's excellent tale.

One other thing worth pointing out here is that editor Neil Baker has done something unique with the illustrations for this anthology. He has personally produced images for each story that emulate the look and feel of movie posters from the good old days of British horror cinema. So, between that and all the compelling Gothic fiction between its covers, you really owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of Spawn of the Ripper.

Before we let you run free through the auditory landscape of episode 28, here's a bit of detail about John McCallum Swain:

He has lived in Canada, Germany, Scotland, and the United States, where he now shares his home with a small herd of cats. He began writing stories as a kid, progressing from longhand to typewriters to laptops while writing tales ranging from graphic horror to alternate history. Swain's stories have appeared in 4POCALYPSE, 4RCHETYPES, WEIRD MENACE VOLUME 2, SPAWN OF THE RIPPER, PEELING BACK THE SKIN, BLOOD SWEAT & FEARS, and many other anthologies. His own titles include the horror and speculative fiction collections MY VILE BOUNTY and CALIFHORRORNIA, the novellas SMILE and THE UNICORN MAN, and the novel MADE IN THE U.S.A.

Pete Mesling, on the other hand, remains largely a mystery, even to himself. (Oh, all right, click here to learn more about him.)

That's it, folks. Now dig in!

UPDATE: You can now read Mesling's "The Private Ambitions of Arthur Hemming" for free at his None So Deaf blog!

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